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16 Gourmet Coffee Flavorings

Weldon has a flavor to appeal to most everyones taste. And, at "0 to 5" calories per serving, Weldon Flavorings are all of what you want smooth flavor and none of what you don't excess calories and bitter aftertaste. Weldon's 16 flavor choices are not only sugar-free, they contain no artificial sweeteners. They are just pure flavor.

Amaretto Blueberry Pancakes
Caramel Crème Caramel Nut
Chocolate Mint  Chocolate Raspberry
Cinnamon  Coconut
French Vanilla Hazelnut
Irish Crème  Peppermint
 Maple  Chocolate
 Pistachio  Pumpkin Spice


(All flavors are *non-allergenic and *gluten-free.)
They do not contain the preservative sodium benzoate.



The Weldon pump bottle is pre-measured to use one quick pump for every 4 ounces of beverage. This amount can easily be adjusted to each individual's taste. Each 4 oz bottle flavors 118/8oz cups.

Flavoring Highlights

  • Sugar Free
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No fats
  • No sodium
  • No caffeine
  • No creamers
  • No powders
  • No syrup
  • No bitter aftertaste


Just Pure Flavoring!!!

As seen in CoffeeTalk

Iced Tea & Water Flavorings

Introducing innovative, natural and unsweetened flavorings for your iced tea, water and much more!




Swirl any of these wonderfully refreshing tea flavorings in your glass of iced tea and drift away to a tropical island or just a lazy summer day in your own backyard!

1995 Weldon Develops Sugar Free Flavorings

Welcome, and thanks for visiting Weldon Flavorings. Years ago, while running our coffee catering business, we searched for flavorings that let every person customize a cup of coffee to their individual taste. But, all the flavors we found included something we did't want sweetener, syrup, or creamer. So, in 1995 we developed liquid flavorings that are just pure sugar free flavorings that contain no sweeteners or syrups, fats, sodium, creamer or caffeine. Weldon lets every person start with just black coffee in their cup and customize the flavoring to their individual taste adding creamer and sweetener, if desired.

Weldon Flavorings BBB Business Review

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