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Shipping Policy


Please allow 2-3 business days(excluding weekends and holidays) to process your order.  It takes time to put together and pack safely before we ship to you.  You should get a confirmation email that your money has arrived and we are working on the shipping. 

We send your order from Kentucky to you, so the time it takes to arrive will depend on your distance from us.  Please allow 5-7 business days from our ship date depending on distance.


The shipping cost will be determined by the method of shipping and the weight.  We offer USPS for in country shipping and FedEx for both international and US shipping.  Total cost will be determined at the time of checkout before you purchase, and you can make changes before the final purchase.


If you have any questions, or did not receive a confirmation email and need help with your order, please email us at the contact email address below:

1995 Weldon Develops Sugar Free Flavorings

Welcome, and thanks for visiting Weldon Flavorings. Years ago, while running our coffee catering business, we searched for flavorings that let every person customize a cup of coffee to their individual taste. But, all the flavors we found included something we did't want sweetener, syrup, or creamer. So, in 1995 we developed liquid flavorings that are just pure sugar free flavorings that contain no sweeteners or syrups, fats, sodium, creamer or caffeine. Weldon lets every person start with just black coffee in their cup and customize the flavoring to their individual taste adding creamer and sweetener, if desired.

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